Adding or Editing a Service

To get to Services, type service into the Convobar, or go to Meevo > Data > Services.

To add a service

Tip: Use the copy function to quickly create a new data record with similar details to an existing item. First, locate and select the existing item, and then select Copy. Meevo 2 will create a new definition with fields that are identical to the record you just copied. Make changes to the data as needed, and select Save when finished.

1.    From the Services search form, select Add New.

2.    Enter a Display Name and Shortcut.

To make identification of your shortcuts easy, use codes that include the Service Category and a unique detail about the service. For example, a 60-minute Swedish massage service might use the code MA60SWED.

3.    This service is not bookable: Select this option if you are creating a service that is strictly an add-on. When this option is enabled, the service cannot be booked/scheduled as a standalone service in the Appointment Book or by any other booking method, but the service can still be added as an add-on in the Appointment Book or Online Booking, sold in the register, included in packages, and refunded. Selecting this option hides Service Steps further down this form.

       Available in packages only: If selected, the service cannot be sold in the register as a standalone service; it instead must be accrued or purchased as part of a package.

4.    Ignore the "Limit the ability to book an appointment unless there are X employees available" Business Information setting when booking this service: When this option is enabled, the service can be booked regardless of how many employees are available. If this option is not enabled, then Meevo will prevent you from proceeding if attempting to book this service brings the available number of employees to a number that is less than the setting configured in Business Information.

5.    Include in 5 Star Ratings: If enabled, a ratings request is sent to the client after this service is checked out. 5 Star Ratings notifications must be set up for this option to function.

6.    Exclude from all point promotions: Points will not be earned for any promotion as a result of checking out this service. Enabling this option also removes this service from the list of available services in the Client Point Promotions screen.

7.    Enter an optional Short Description, which will appear in Booking Agent and the Self Check-in Kiosk for add-ons, and an optional Long Description, which will appear in Online Booking, the SalonConnect app, eGift, and Walk-in Manager modules.

8.    Select a Service Category.

9.    Selecting a Visit Note Type associates the Visit Note Type with this service.

       When you complete a transaction that includes at least one service with an associated Visit Note Type, Meevo 2 displays a pop-up window, where you can enter visit notes for each Visit Note Type on the transaction. This encourages front desk employees to enter visit notes at the end of the transaction. Note that the Business Information setting Prompt to enter visit notes upon completion of a transaction for services configured with a visit note type must be enabled for the pop-up window to appear.

       Visit notes appear in the AQ020 and AQ022 reports.

10.  Add-On Settings: Here is where you can require equipment and additional time for service add-ons.

       Equipment required when booking as an Add-On: Any equipment selected here must be available in order to book the service as an add-on.

       Additional time needed when booking as an Add-On (this duration will be included in the total time of the service: The duration selected here is added on to the total time of the appointment. If you choose a duration here, you can configure in Service Add-on Mappings to which service step that additional time should be added.

11.  Price Levels: These are the default, pre-tax prices you will charge for the service based on the level of the employee performing the service.

12.  Non-Taxable: If selected, this service does not incur a tax at the register. Hides Tax Applied.

13.  Tax Applied: Select a tax rate for this service. The available options for tax rates are in Currency and Tax.

14.  Service Steps: By default, three steps appear for you to edit and reorder. You can add steps by selecting Add Service Step, remove steps by selecting delete  , or edit a step by selecting edit .    

a.    Display Name: Enter a Display Name that easily identifies this service step.

b.  Service Step Type:

       Gap: Gap steps are generally used during "wait" periods, for example during a color. A gap step does not require an employee to be present, but it can occupy a resource if configured that way.

       Other: Select Other for any step types that aren't listed here.

       Resource: For this step to appear, the service must be associated with a Resource. Resource is a "resource-only" step type, meaning it does not require an employee to be present, but it does occupy a resource. You can even create a service with a single Resource step, which would make the service bookable without an employee (if the resource is available) in the Appointment Book and Online Booking.

       Servicing: Select this to create a Sevicing step, which requires an employee.

c.  Duration: Configure the duration of the step.

d.  Select any Equipment that is required to perform the service step. Go here if you have not yet created equipment in Meevo.

Tip: If you created equipment in Meevo but it does not appear here in the Equipment drop-down, check the Equipment maintenance form to verify the selected Business Type is correct. Also note that i

e.  Clean-up time (final Service step only): If this checkbox is enabled, then the employee will be considered "booked" during this service step, but the client will not. So, if you book services back-to-back under the same appointment, a client can receive these services without interruption, as the second service will begin at the same time as the start of the clean-up step. You can choose whether or not to include this "unproductive" step time in productivity calculations.

Note: Clean-up steps do not have any visual indicators on the Appointment Book.

15.  Require address in Appointment Editor: If enabled, selecting this service in Appointment Editor will automatically reveal required Address fields in the editor. When the appointment is saved, these fields can be viewed via the Smart Assistant's Custom window.

16.  Only bookable during Events: Restricts this service's availability to Events only. Go here for more information on Events.

17.  Bookable online: Makes this service available to clients for Online Booking.

       Enable employee(s) that are configured to perform this service and are bookable online to be bookable online for this service: This option automatically enables Online Booking in the Employees > Services tab and Services > Employees tab, as long as the following is true:

       Bookable online is enabled in the service definition (Main tab).

       Bookable online is enabled on the employee profile (Main tab) and the employee is configured to perform the service referred to in the previous bullet.

18.  This service requires a deposit: When this option is enabled, a client will be required to leave a deposit if booking this service through Online Booking. The Deposit percentage/amount required field will default to the Online Booking deposit amount/percentage defined in Online Booking Settings, but you can override that here to charge a specific amount/percentage for this particular service.

19.  Enable Intelli-Booking: Makes this service eligible for service-specific Intelli-Booking timings. See Using Intelli-Booking for more details on this feature.

       Enable employee(s) that are configured to perform this service and enabled for Intelli-booking to use Intelli-booking for this service: This option automatically enables Intelli-booking in the Employees > Services tab and Services > Employees tab, as long as the following is true:

       Enable Intelli-Booking is enabled in the service definition (Main tab).

       Enable Intelli-Booking is enabled on the employee profile (Main tab) and the employee is configured to perform the service referred to in the previous bullet.

20.  Available in eGift: Enable this option to make this service a sellable item in eGift. This option appears only if the eGift integration is enabled.

21.  In the Appointment section:

a.  Frequency of Visit (in number of weeks): Recommended frequency, in weeks, of how often a client should come in to receive this service. If this value is set to zero (0), no Rebook options appear for this service.

Tip: See this topic for details on rebook rules and the location/priority of Frequency of Visit settings, or see this topic for step-by-step guidance on rebooking a client.

b.  Include in average ticket calculations: Includes sales of this service in the average ticket calculations used in reports.

c.  Do not allow service step timing adjustments when booking: Disables the ability to adjust the service step timings in the Appointment Book's Appointment Editor and in Standing Appointments. Users can still view the step timings, but cannot adjust them.

d.  Display prompt when double booking this service: If this service is part of a double-booking, a conflict message appears to the user. Go here for an explanation of conflict message options.

e.  Do not collect tips for this service: If this option is enabled, Meevo will not allocate any tip amount for the performing of this service. If the service is part of a package that has prepaid tips, the servicing employee will not receive the prepaid tip either.

22.  In the Gender Options section, select the client genders to whom the service will be available. You will be able to book the service for a gender that is not selected here.

23.  Show as PRIVATE when viewing history: Hides this service name in the Client profile > History tab > Transaction History screen and Appointment History screen.

24.  Select Save to create the service. See the sections below to further refine your service's settings.

Note: If you are creating a service for the first time and no employees are yet configured to perform it, Meevo 2 will display a prompt asking if you'd like to configure employees to perform this service. Selecting Yes will bring you to the Employees tab of the service definition.

To edit a service

1.    Locate the service and select it.

2.    Select Edit, and then make your changes.

3.    When finished, select Save.